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Silver Member’s Play free check it out.

Battle buddies are on site to help make this a great day for new players. If you are under 15 and want your own special Buddy, please contact us before game day.

Adrenaline Paintball hosts some very cool Big Games. We work very hard and provide interesting missions and scenarios. Our field limits of 280 fps and 10 BPS keep gameplay fun for everyone. No ramping and No full auto.

We attract a great group of players who play hard but fair. This isn’t the place for speedball teams to come in and “rip it up”

We use Top-notch staff. Many of our staff have been reffing and working big games for over 10 years. In some cases 20 years. if you a veteran you will be impressed by the level of organization, the field layout, and how well the games flow. If you are new, you will be happy to learn how easy it is to fit into the large team dynamic, and that you really are ready for a big game.

Group of buddies, a team/ alone, or with a buddy, we invite you to try an Adrenaline big game. You’ll love it or we will gladly refund your admission.