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  • Staff was awesome

    Dress according to the weather. Staff was awesome but the weather was a little chilly. I’m glad I brought work gloves for everyone!

    Jason M.
  • ..an adventure

    Be ready for an adventure!

    Bill R.
  • had a great time!

    I purchased the Admissions for my two grandsons and they had a great time thanks

    Joyce G.  
  • a good deal!

    We had as my boys said the best birthday battle ever. It wasn’t cheap but 4 hours with 11 kids and adults for about 300 bucks for a full day is still a good deal. I would definitely go back for another birthday party (battle)

    Mike M. 
  • Fun!

    Great fun

    Debbie W. 
  • 1st-time paintballers

    The referee( I think his name was Dan) made this a great experience for my son. He explained everything and helped us out with all the questions for 1st-time paintballers.

    Tammy M. 
  • Great experience!

    Great experience! : ). Purchased for my Sons 12th bday. Had a blast! They played for 3 1/2 hours. Will definitely purchase more Admissions in future for Adrenaline!!

    Diane H.
  • Awesome and highly recommended

    I took 8 kids and all of us had a great time. Can’t believe how big the complex was and how much fun could be had!!!! Awesome and highly recommended. Will be back.

    Joelle L.
  • try the Adrenaline Adventure Park

    It was our first time with 11-year-old boys who loved every minute of it. Would highly recommend anyone considering a paintball experience try the Adrenaline Adventure Park.

    Pamela E.
  • great staff

    great staff who love what they do

    Elijah D.
  • Wear the right clothes.

    Wear layers of clothing, as it hurts when you get hit!

    Heather W.
  • a wonderful time

    Had a wonderful time with the group of boys. Thanks to a great ref! 🙂 They will be talking about this for a while yet.

    Cindy B.
  • Worth every penny

    Worth every penny

    Chris B.
  • it was the best birthday ever!!"

    We took our 2 sons and 2 other boys there for Harrison’s 11th birthday last Sun. Oct.14th. They had a great time! The guy who ran the matches was excellent!!! Please tell him how great he is – “it was the best birthday ever!!”

    Laurie B.
  • very friendly people

    very friendly people. Helpful and fun time.

    Jeff V.