Equipment Owners

There is special pricing for Equipment owners who come to the field. We are upfront about prices, and keep it simple.  The Speedball Field has separate pricing.

You Get to choose  Cheap Paint, or Cheap Admission.  You don’t have to bring your own, we sell Great paintballs at incredible prices.  Note That Speedball Pricing is Different.

Admission = 3 choices       

-Regular Admission: $25 per player includes 100 balls. 

Ultimate: Admission $40 Includes no balls  

-Admission With  with 2000 paintballs = $80 during walk-in game and $90.00 during private groups.  or Ultimate admission and 1000 balls = $65 (owners Only) Or our Magfed special is Admission and 500 magfed balls for $50.00

Paintball prices – Regular Admission = $8.85/100, or $29/500 No BYOP allowed, Only Field printed balls are                              allowed. You can only share with other players with the same admission.                                                        – Ultimate admission paint prices.  $20/500 and $60/2000 

                                    –All Paintballs ARE NOT created equal –

Yellow or White fill only. BYO Paint is also available here at the Park at regular store prices start at $60/2000. We carry great brands that shoot well and clean up easily. If you need to pick some up for home or get an Air fill stop by at a time we are open. 

Do not bring surplus store or big box store paint .. Please.. 

*No one without an Ultimate admission is permitted to use anything but a Field printed ball, yes we check often.

Please take the time to read about BYOP    

Air is FREE,   CO2 is $10 per tank, all day fills.

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard

call 519 453 0434