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Corporate and Work Groups

Call to book your private group now at 519‐453‐0434  or for information after hours call 519‐476‐7732. 

We are a lot more than just a paintball park. Enjoy a full blown company adventure. We offer the best paintball experience available, plus a whole lot more; water balloon games, tug of war,  and non-contact paintball games. Even if your group doesn’t play paintball they will have a great day at our Adventure Park.

Paintball is a fun and safe activity that will bring your group closer together and give them memories that will last a lifetime. We can supply the type of outing that you are looking for. Team building activities, stress busters, and corporate picnics are our specialty. You may wish to hold your meeting and have a great lunch before finishing the afternoon with 3 hours of one of the best sports on earth! We would be happy to introduce you to one of the local meeting and/or catering facilities in the area. If your group is going to be larger than 30 players, ask us what special promotions your group might qualify for.

All Groups will have their own pavilion space, and easy free parking. There are some great pricing packages available.  We recommend letting players choose their own package unless its a “company paid for” event, and then let them choose to upgrade their package. 

Prices are plus tax

Basic Package 300 

  • Admission – $59.00  per player (includes 300 balls) 
  • Rental Included–  (basic rental Marker, Goggles and Tank)
  • Paintballs – $8.85/100, $40 /500 + tax (Field brand ball Only)
  • Air Free
  • Body Armour Free for Kids and ladies  $5 for Everyone else.
  • Dedicated Host Staff
  • Enough time to use all your balls.

Adventure Package 500

$70 per player includes:

  • Basic rental (Marker, goggles, Tank)
  • Free Air
  • 500 paintballs per player
  • Mature Host staff
  • Private games
  • Extra balls are only $8.85/100 or $34/500  (a savings of $6)
  • Body Armor is FREE for Kids and ladies and $5 for everyone else.
  • Enough Time to use all your balls

Terminator Package 1000

$89 per player includes:

  • basic rental if required, and unlimited Air
  • 1000 paintballs per player
  • Ammo pack to carry extra balls into battle
  • mature host staff
  • private games
  • expert instruction
  • extra balls are only $34/500 ( saves $6/ 500)
  • Enough time to use up all your balls.

Large over group discounts are available for groups or 20+. Consider adding food, bringing food to make it a special occasion.

Special pricing is available for annual, or semi annual events.

Please appreciate your host appropriately

Inclusive Packages

*If they are playing all day some players will want additional paint* It is OK to allow players that want to shoot a lot to buy some of their own.

There is a $200 deposit due 10 days prior to your game day. The deposit goes towards each player’s admission and becomes non refundable 48 hours  before the event. We have some great systems in place to help you organize your day every step of the way. Once you’re at the field, our hosts will care for your group from arrival to departure, always ensuring every part of their day is trouble free and unforgettably fun.

Allow each Player to individualize their day by paying for their own       

What makes a paintball outing memorable & super affordable?  You can Bring your own food, or have it catered here!!  Check out the link below. 


Helpful Hints

Paintball is an outdoor game played in the woods and you should dress appropriately. Long Sleeves and Long Pants and sturdy shoes are recommended and 2 loose fitting layers if possible.. Wear camouflage or dark clothing. Looking like a tree is cool here. Paint washes out very easy, but a change of clothes to ride home in is a good idea.

See you soon..

The field is set up to play rain or shine.

Regular Paintball Parties

Low Impact Parties

Or, call Now to book your Group Event: 519 453 0434


We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard