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Pricing for Private Groups

Paintball is a fun and safe activity that will bring your group closer together and give them memories that will last a lifetime. Minimum group size for private is 15 players.  We can accommodate groups as small as 10 players for an extra $5 per person private play fee. 

Weekdays the minimum admission is $69 per person for groups under 15 

All packages Include

-All the rental Gear you need to play and Unlimited Air.
-Ammo carriers for packages 500 or more, access to all 10 Maps.
-Body Armour for Kids and ladies.

       Please appreciate your host 

Pricing Great Fun Great Value

Rental Pricing Per Player

We welcome your players as young as 8 for low impact and 10
for regular paintball. We can accommodate any group size during our Walk-ins. 

You have a very big group of 30 or more? You need us to build you a custom package?  No problem.  You want to include food? Just ask…

Call us 519 453 0434 Private group Specialists

Private Group Fee =$5/ person extra. Waived for groups of 15 or more.

Packages: All + tax

Basic $52 / Person

300 balls per player. ($0.173 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $40/500, $139.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Adventure $69 / Person

500 balls per player includes Ammo pack ($0.138 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Terminator $89 / Person

1000 balls per Player includes Ammo pack ($.089 per ball) Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Let players choose to buy some upgrades or extras. This individualizes his or her experience and makes it extra memorable, but keeps everyone on the same level. 

Extra balls include more time, additional use of equipment
and Air.

Ultimate Admission Prices per Player

Package price is based on, 14 Players. You could bring as few as eight but we recommend 10 or more for the maximum amount of fun.  Private group fee= Add $5 per person. Waived for groups over 15 players

You want the best deal possible on paintball.. ?

Packages: All +tax

Admission and 2000 2 Star balls $95. No rental gear.
Ultimate Rental gear, $20 no balls
Admission Only $40 No balls

Additional balls = $20/ 500 or $65/ 2000. We have a selection of paint brands at different price points.

To be able to offer the Ultimate pricing on balls we have to have a strict policy. NO PLAYER can use these balls unless they have paid the Ultimate admission. This is for Everyone’s benefit. We want to be able to offer Affordable paint to players that shoot a case. We check on a regular basis.

Most rental players are best with the Adventure or Terminator Packages from the first section.

With the group organizers, permission private group players can choose from either group.

Regular Paintball Parties

Low Impact Parties

Or, call Now to book your Group Event: 519 453 0434


We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard