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 House League has been Canceled for the 2019 season


House league is New at Adrenaline, please be patient while we try to develop a successful format for, competitive, new player friendly, paintball in London and area. We want to give new players a place to get started. It will be safe, fun, and affordable.  Games will be played on Airball fields, Hyperball fields and on other classic paintball fields as the league develops.

Divisions will  be developed as participation grows. To get started, all divisions may play together. 

The goal is to grow to 4v4 games. We will start with 3v3 and make the move to 4v4 once there are 16+ players per day. Players will draw numbers from a hat at the start of each day to choose teams. Players scores will be recorded each day based on their teams finish. 

-Beginners Kids – Division 6 – Anyone age 13 or less on June 1st with No tournament experience.

-Beginners Over 11  – Division 6 -Anyone age 12 or older  With less than 3 tournaments of experience


Rental equipment will be supplied FREE to any Beginner Class Player.

Rental or Classic class equipment will be used in all divisions. Mechanical triggers and Hoppers Only for D6. For Open class all electric markers have to be set to 5.5 BPS, No Electric hoppers at all. .  The D6 under division will use 50 Caliber markers. Crono Speed for all will be = 280  FPS or less.


The Cost for Beginners will be will be $40 plus tax / day for Both divisions and will include Rental equipment if needed. Memberships discounts don\’t apply to House league, Sorry.  Players will participate in at least 5 games and receive 1000 paintballs. Games will be limited to 200 balls per game.



Round 1 June 22 & 29 July 6, 13,  final on 20

Round 2 July 27 Aug 3, 10, 17,  Final on Aug 24th

 Round 3 We will continue with a third round if there is enough interest.


Is based on, but not identical to, The  OPL Rules For Beginners Division.   Rule Book here (coming) 

 D6 Players enter The playing field with Empty hoppers and 200 balls in Pods. The objective will be to hang your flag at the other teams start box. Teams will be a minimum of 3 vs 3. Teams will be randomized every day. Individual players will be tracked by win / loss records.  Players will Play 5 Games per day. Games will have a 5 minutes time limit.  


Each week the Top two teams will play off for 1st overall. If a Beginners team does not have 200 balls per player paint will be added to that teams paint pool.  Wins and losses will be tracked per individual player based on the teams performance. . Players will be ranked and that rank recorded for a published weekly average. Open class teams can purchase paint if needed for finals.

Players that pre register first will have spots guaranteed. After that, players will be put on waiting lists. Each time 3 players sign in another team will be created. Players must be registered and ready to start the first game at 10 am..

Players that register for the full session will receive a small discount and will be guaranteed a slot for every weeks play.

Please contact us for More details  519 453 0434

Adrenaline House League Stats