BYOP Details:

Adrenaline Paintball allows BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) on most days, with restrictions. Don’t go out and buy paint to bring. It is cheaper to buy you paint here.

Admission plus a BYOP Admission Pass is $40. Special event prices may vary

Admission and 2000 balls for Equipment Owners is $90 in private groups and $80 for walk-ins. . Special days it’s For members as low as $60..  

Scroll down to see the list of what is allowed

Keeping everyone safe is our first priority, keeping the Environment safe is part of our licensing, and the right thing to do.   It’s a Big Job.   We have very strict rules about BYOP, and we make no exceptions.  We often ask new equipment owners, >Do you want people shooting “Anything” at you and your kids?  they don’t, and neither do we.

Paintballs are not all the same

Here is the Truth please take the time to read below

The truth is they can be as hard as the seller requests. The ingredients can be sourced from any where in the world.

  • Some paintballs are so hard you can jump on a bag full and they don’t break.   Even impacting a hard surface at 280 feet per second they don’t break. See Mike’s video on one of many bad brands    One of many dangerous Brands
  • Some paintballs are made of Bad things, Biodegradable does not mean safe. what is left over after they degrade can be scary.
  • Some paintballs dry on their target and stay for years, and then mould into black tar.  You Gotta watch thisBad Paint & 400 PSI water
  • Some balls contain Oil as a thickener See the Oil test Video Oily balls = Gross
  • Some paintball brands are “seconds” so each time you buy them they are something else. “Hot Box, White Box”
  • Cheap paintballs are more expensive in the end,  If you have to shoot 4 times to hit your target,, You are not saving money.
  • The most experienced players,, buy the best balls..  Greg Hastings, Allan Phillips, Chris Lasoya   Don’t shoot white box.
  • Rainbow coloured balls are very dangerous. You can not safely set you equipment to a regular velocity when the balls are different.  the velocity could vary 50 FPS. 

Why do you want to Bring Paint?

To save Money?   We sell Great paint that’s Fresh and guaranteed, for regular retail store prices, as well as the super expensive field ball. And AIR is Included. It might actually be cheaper to play at our Park than in a private bush.

Because you have Some left over? Good reason… No Problem, as long as its good quality and white or yellow fill. buy the BYOP PASS, and use it up.

Do you think Paintball Parks sell paintballs at Rip Off Prices?

Truth ** Field paintballs are priced for people that shoot 300-1000 balls per visit and only visit a few times a year. Part of the cost of that ball is “extra use of the equipment,”  extra time, and extra wear and tear. They spend the same on their Paintball Adventure as an owner shooting 2000 balls.   If players shooting 300 balls could by them for $60/2000 there would soon be No paintball fields , anywhere.  It is very expensive to build and operate a Paintball Park. Especially in Canada where we get  60 good paintball days / year.  Industry research shows it costs about $30/ person for people to visit a paintball park in Canada. (Note that Admission is only  $20 for most players.)

We go way out of our way to make paintball affordable to regular players. Most parks are to big or find it to difficult to be able to offer the two pricing levels, cheap Paint vs Cheap Admission is very hard to do in a busy setting

We are a Paintball Park, We need to sell paintballs.  We provide an experience.  Without the sale of paintballs we can’t provide that experience.   Ask yourself.  Will Walmart or the local surplus store build me a 2 story castle with trenches and a mote to play paintball in?   Do they care if the balls fly straight and break properly?

Paintballs Must Be white or yellow fill only.  Non Staining Orange fill May be permitted for use in Pistols and Mechanical Mag Fed markers during Big Games.

ALL paintballs must break when dropped 15 feet onto a hard surface.  No Red, or Blue fill EVER

Approved paint list

Big Box Store Paint:  NO

Surplus Store paint? NO!  

this stuff  may be old, it could be seconds, it may not be the same paint in the box as the Box says.  Sorry but NO! — Players Sneaking this stuff in could be considered  to be INTENTIONALLY Trying to hurt someone.. Don’t do it!!    Please

APX; All

Valken: Graffiti, Redemption, Crusade, New World




GI: 2 Star, 3Star, 4Star

Empire: Marballizer, Premium, F13. 

Dye: None

Inka: None

HK none 

Questions.   Email us at