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A Zombie Experience 

Walking Dead

The Game is set in the Red zone of a Zombie infested world. Players will Compete to complete missions in an all out scenario game, while trying to stay alive, surrounded by a  Zombie Hordes. The game is set on a massive 35-acre map that includes a town, a Prison, a forest with cabins, a pioneer outpost, a Heli pad and more.  This is not your corny living vs. dead game. Paintballs don’t kill zombies. Secure the special Zombie killing weapon, and it’s Radio active ammo to eliminate the Horde while winning Missions and racking up points for your team.

  • Pre-register to save money
  • See the registration button for deals on paintballs and early Registration.

Game Play

Most of the games will be played out between the 2 living teams as they compete for resources and territory while trying to survive the Dead: Teams needs, and their missions may see the teams in conflict with each other, and there may be times when the living have to help each other out. Or see who can run away the fastest living the others to face the horde. Games will be played in 2 rounds with a 1 hour break for lunch to reload and regroup.

Players can choose death or turn zombie when captured. Players will wear ribbon’s front and back if a zombie touches you they an take one ribbon  a ribbon you have turned, or you are dead. new ribbons are only available at the Hospital / air shake. 

This is a paintball Game, and we all know that PAINTBALLS, DO NOT, kill Zombies, they only make the mad. To kill a zombie you must shoot them in the with special  a radioactive juice that comes in the form of a Ball; or out of a grenade,  these balls are .50 of an inch.. We have special markers at the field that shoot 50 cal paintballs. You can buy these radio-active paintballs at the field, and rent the guns or bring your own.

Walking Dead 2023

 Strategy/Briefing starts at 9 am.

Game play starts at 10 am. 

Round 1 begins at 10:30 am sharp. 

10:30 am – 1 pm, break for 60 min lunch, 2 pm – 4:30 pm. 

4:30 pm = game over.

Prizes and Storytelling, MVP’s MVT’s at 5 pm 

The day will be played in 2 rounds 

Walking Dead Game Team Bases

Round 1 

Woods – Red 

Mounds – Blue 

Round 2 

Woods -Blue 

Mounds – Red 

Field rules 

Walking Dead 2023 Rules

  • NO full Auto, no ramping, 3 shot burst, 10 bps cap is allowed for Blow back markers only. 
  • Absolutely no body contact! 
  • If you call a Paint check on an opponent and its clean. You`re Out -Screaming “Get out Get” out at players is considered poor sportsmanship. 
  • Dead players don’t talk! If you are talking to live players while dead, a ref may call the live player out at their discretion.
  • No Radio Spying. 
  • 10.5 bps Max. 
  • No First Strike. 
  • White and Yellow fills only – we only allow Adrenaline field paints at this game.
  • Ten-foot mercy rule is in play (family friendly event).
  • No Training Knives. No swords that haven`t been approved by Game Boss or Head Ref. 
  • One lg and one small shield per team. 
  • If your primary is hit (includes hand), you can continue with a secondary (melee weapons don’t count as a secondary). 
  • Cool burning smoke only. (According to field conditions). Smoke in the bush will be decided on game day. 
  • Minimum age is 14 to play as a Zombie
  • FPS limit 280 for 68 Cal and 300 Fps for 50 cal.
  • Barrel socks required.
  • Only zombie killers may use the radioactive Zombie killing paint  (50 Cal paint and markers are available.)
  • Swords Kill Zombies  ( Must be approved)  


  • 5 points for a flag pull. 
  • 5 points for Flags up on the 30-minute mark. 
  • Gold Bars 15 points (returned to base). 
  • Booty (see list) 5-25 points (returned to base). 
  • Main Objective Points Range from 50 points per mission at the start of the round, up to 100 points per mission at the end. 

Flags will be counted every 30 minutes. 

Reinsertion/ bases 

  • Players may shoot out of a base. 
  • Players may not shoot into a base, on purpose; if it happens by chance the hit is not counted. 
  • Bases will be set up so the opposing teams will not be able to enter. 
  • Air bunkers that line (close to/touching) a player base are for defensive players only. 
  • Teams can use unlimited rockets from their Base. 
  • Players may reinsert into the game, only from their team base or from a controlled Flag with Medic.

Player Eliminations:

  • Zombies- if Killed is back to base.  Zombie kill shot is on the torso only  NOT HEAD SHOTS, not Limbs 
  • Players killed by a Zombie go back to their base.
  • Players that turn Zombie remove their team colours Stay turned until they return to staging. ( your choice )
  • Players can be healed by a medic if shot. Rejuve is at any flag of your color.
  • Players can be shot by the Radio active balls just like regular paintballs
  • If you are killed by a Zombie, you cannot be healed by a medic.
  • Zombies can attack wounded players. If you are wounded, you cannot run, and you are fair game to the horde.
  • Zombies can only be shot by Zombie killing guns, Shooting 50 caliber  Radio active balls
  • Melee weapons can eliminate Zombies  No head contact 
  • Zombies will walk until shot at.. Then.. Everybody runs!
  • This is a field paint only event

Other rules 


  • 3 Medics per Team. 
  • Medics will be carrying a hole puncher each. 
  • Medic must hole punch player card for revive to count. 
  • Medics can heal medics. 
  • If you cannot see (paint covering your mask lens) you must return to base.  
  • Players are responsible for their own player card. 
  • Player Cards will not be replaced on the field – new kill cards may be replaced at registration. 
  • Once healed by a Medic, player can respawn from the next closest team-controlled flag. 
  • Players may NOT respawn at flag if they were shot within 50 feet of that flag.

Rockets & grenades 

  • 4 rockets per team are allowed, per round. 
  • Spent rockets are dead to all teams once used .. BYOR .. 
  • You are not allowed to touch spent Rockets that are not your personal property. 
  • The refs will collect spent rockets. 
  • Rockets can be thrown, shot or kicked, as long as they travel 250 fps or less. 
  • Rockets must hit a structure/tree/rock etc. 
  • All players within a 15-foot radius of the impact to a structure are eliminated and must return to base to re-spawn. 
  • Teams can use unlimited rockets from inside their base. 
  • Rockets eliminate a Shield player and everyone in a 15-foot radius. 
  • Players cannot Medic from a rocket hit.
  •  Any amount of grenade juice (paint grenade) is an Elimination. 


  • Each team May have 1 large shield and 1 small shield. 
  • Player shields will be clear except for up to 15 % allowed for stickers or structure. 
  • Mesh is considered clear. 
  • Large shield in max 2′ by 3 ‘.
  • Small shield is max 18″ by 24″. 
  • Shield players have to use Mag Fed markers with a 50 round maximum capacity. 
  • Shields can only be used in the defense zone. 
  • Shield players can be eliminated by rockets, paint grenades and swords.
  • Shields can not be used inside another teams defensive zone ( no spawn camping with a shield) .
  • Shield players can be eliminated by Rockets and Grenades and swords. shield are a great asset to troop transports and helo drops


  • A fully pulled red flag indicates red territory. 
  • A fully pulled Blue Flag indicates Blue territory. 
  • A half pulled flag indicates zombie  territory   Note: the red and blue flags should be even


  • Teams may sell (for Points) – Players, un-used rockets & flag stations. 
  • All sales must be approved by the game Boss. 

Troop Drop / Insertions/ Airstrike 

  • Teams can buy helicopter/Troop transport insertions into enemy territory for 200 game bucks
  • Teams get 2 free Helo drops per round.
  • Players may not in any way follow a troop transport.
  • Up to ten players total may be part of helo crew. 
  • One player can act as a gun turret. 
  • The troop transport turret is only live while stopped to deploy troops. Shield players are encourage to be on or ready to defend a helo drop!
  • 2 players can start to shoot at the start of the 3 second count down to Go Go Go. 
  • The turret may fire at players attempting to follow. 

Airstrikes (For very special occasions only – must be approved by the Game Boss) 

  • Airstrike takes out ALL players within the 4 closet flags to the base calling the strike, or whatever the local ref thinks is appropriate for the area.
  • Flags remain as they were when the strike is called. 
  • Players eliminated by an airstrike cannot be healed by a medic. 
  • Players using the airstrike can re-enter the strike area as soon as the eliminated players have been notified.
  • Opposing players cannot re-enter the Strike zone for 10 Mississippi’s count after the players using the strike have started to re-enter the field – The ref should count down from 10 till its “GO GO GO”. 

Walking Dead Game Play Terminology 

  • dummy – Dummy with your team`s colour ribbon attached 
  • Wooden Suitcases – Wood squares with a metal handle that are your teams colour 
  • Plastic Case – Plastic Case with your team`s colour ribbon attached 
  • Bars/Bills – Worth different amounts redeemable at the Game store 
  • Javelin – Wood Cylinders with a small metal Handle 
  • Toolbox – Small Plastic Case with your team`s colour ribbon attached 
  • Whiskey Bottles – Red, Bottle Shaped Wood 
  • Javelin Case – Green metal tube 
  • Legs – 
  • Arms – 
  • Eyeballs – 
  • Carved pumpkins – 

Game Store 

  • Buy a mission $200 (will be worth at least 50 points) 
  • Control of mercenaries when available $500 – Have a small team of extra players join you to help make your push (20 min) 
  • Better Intel $200 – Receive your missions for this or next round 10 minutes early 
  • Flag Change $400– Change 1 flag to your colour. 
  • Heli drop $200 
  • Extra medic for the rest of the round $500

Game Day Notes:

  • Minimum age is 14 to play as a Zombie
  • FPS limit 280 for 68 Cal and 300 Fps for 50 cal.
  • 10-foot rule in effect
  • Barrel socks required.
  • Only zombie killers may use the radioactive Zombie killing paint  (50 Cal paint and markers are available.)
  • Swords Kill Zombies  ( Must be approved)  

**Zombie Paint $10/100, or $20/500   Marker set rents for $15**

  • Civilian Camp – The Town
  • Military base – Is Mobile and is wherever the General plants has his FLAG. But the military is based out of the trenches
  • Zombie nest, – Find it, and you might wish you hadn’t

Special Notes:

  • Graffiti is available, if you think it will be cold, pre-purchase graffiti  and you will find our paint pricing to be very fair.
  • Air is FREE,  CO2 would cost $15 / day to fill one tank all day 
  • Rules