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A Zombie Experience 

Walking Dead

The Game is set in the Red zone of a Zombie infested world. Players will Compete to complete missions in an all out scenario game, while trying to stay alive, surrounded by a  Zombie Hordes. The game is set on a massive 35-acre map that includes a town, a Prison, a forest with cabins, a pioneer outpost, a Heli pad and more.  It’s not your corny living vs. dead game. Zombies don’t carry weapons and paintballs don’t kill zombies. Secure the special Zombie killing weapon, and it’s Radio active ammo to eliminate the Horde while winning Mission and racking up points for your team.

  • Pre-registrar to save money
  • See the registration button for deals on paintballs and early Registration.

Basic Rules

  • Minimum age is 14 to play as a Zombie
  • FPS limit 280
  • 10-foot rule in effect
  • Barrel socks required.
  • Only zombie killers may use the radioactive Zombie killing paint  50 Cal paint and markers are available.
  • Swords Kill Zombies  ( Must be approved)  

Zombie Paint 410/100, or $20/500   Marker set rents for $15

Game Day:

  • Smoke is allowed according to field conditions
  • Civilian Camp – The Prison
  • Military base – Is Mobile and is wherever the General has his FLAG
  • Zombie nest, – Find it, and you might wish you hadn’t

Game Play

Most of the games will be played out between the 2 living teams as they compete for resources and territory while trying to survive the Dead: Teams needs and their missions may see the teams in conflict with each other, and there may be times the living have to help each other out. Games will be played in 2 rounds with a break for lunch to reload and regroup.

Players can choose death or turn zombie when captured. Players will wear ribbon’s front and back if a zombie captures a ribbon you have turned, or you are dead.

This is a paintball Game, and we all know that PAINTBALLS, DO NOT, kill Zombies, they only make the mad. To kill a zombie you must shoot them in the heart with a radioactive juice that comes in the form of a Ball; these balls are .50 of an inch.. we have special markers at the field that shoot 50 cal paintballs. You can buy these radio-active paintballs at the field, and rent the guns or bring your own.

Player Eliminations:

  • Zombies- if Killed is back to base.  Zombie kill shot is on the torso only  NOT HEAD SHOTS
  • Players killed by a Zombie go back to their base.
  • Players that turn Zombie Stay turned until they return to staging. ( your choice )
  • Players can be healed by a medic if shot. Rejuve is at any flag of your color.
  • Players can be shot by the Radio active balls just like regular paintballs
  • If you are killed by a Zombie, you cannot be healed by a medic.
  • Zombies can attack wounded players. If you are wounded, you cannot run, and you are fair game to the horde.
  • Zombies can only be shot by Zombie killing guns, Shooting 50 caliber  Radio active balls
  • Melee wepons cn eliminte Zombies  No head contact 
  • This is a field paint only event

Special Notes:

  • DXS Frostbite is available, and you will find our paint pricing to be very fair.
  • Air is FREE,  CO2 would cost $10 / day to fill one tank all day