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Saturday and Sunday Afternoons.
Everyone is welcome Recreational paintball walk-ins.

A Walk-in is a time when you and your friends can come out to the field and join a Rec-ball game in progress. Everyone is welcome. We try to divide play by experience level as much as possible. You won’t find any pros, pirates, or ninjas in these games. Just good people having fun.

A new game starts every 15-20 minutes so come when you can ( before 300pm).


Every Saturday and Sunday Afternoon we have recball Walk-ins. this is always beginner-friendly. The “Mercy/ 10 foot rules are always used without exception for Recball play.

Sunday we have a separate Low impact Beginners Group. (ages 8+) Every day we are beginner-friendly. But this one is low impact.

Some Saturdays we have a beginner’s group. Contact us if you have 6 or more and we might be able to open a new beginners group.

Speedball Walk-in is a different animal altogether. Usually Sunday afternoon. Different pricing. Contact us about Speedball.

Walk-in dates for both are posted in the park schedule. Walk-ins are usually held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 12 – 5 p.m. on Sundays. if your Group wants to play late call us and set up extended hours. We do have some random walk-in dates through the week so check in often. or call with a group of 8 and we will open a new one.

Please note that rental equipment is based on a “first come, first serve” basis, to guarantee that there will be rental equipment for you and your friends please hit the Book Now button.

There are many pricing options for players attending our walk-ins. Players must choose one option at registration time. Players must be 10+ years of age to play in regular Walk-in.

Almost Everyone does a package. See your options below

Rental Pricing Per

There are often 2 separate groups playing walk-in. NO Pros in either group.
The regular group is good for everyone, of all ages.
The beginner group is usually on Sunday and sometimes on Saturday by request.
This is a regular Impact 68 caliber paintball. Beginners are usually younger kids and their friends and families. 10 years +

The packages Include all the Gear you need to play. All +tx

Basic $59 / includes 300 balls per Person

300 balls per player. ($0.20 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $40/500, $139.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Adventure $70 / includes 500 balls per person Person

500 balls per player; and Ammo pack ($0.14 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Terminator $89 / includes 1000 balls per Person

1000 balls per Player; includes Ammo pack ($.08 per ball) Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Let players choose to buy some upgrades or extras. This individualizes his or her experience and makes it extra memorable, but keeps everyone on the same level.

Extra balls include more time, additional use of equipment, and Air.

Ultimate Admission Prices per Player

The Ultimate admission is our version of BYOP, but, it is Better.
Players are welcome to bring Adrenaline Purchased balls back as long as the colour is correct for walk-ins (White and Yellow fill). They still need to be checked for hardness. Paintball should not be older than 6 months.
It is not permitted to share your balls with anyone who has not paid for the Ultimate Admission. No Wristband? Then you can’t share your paint with them. Yes, they can go buy a wristband. No outside paint/box store / surplus store paint is allowed. It is not safe.


* Just admission with No balls is $40 you might have paint left from last weekend’s Walk-in or Adrenaline Big Game
* Basic Rental for the ultimate = $20
* Admission and 2000 $89 in public play or $105 in private page
* Admission and 1000 $70
* Admission and 500 balls $59

Additional Ball Start at $69/2000 – $20/500
We always have a selection of brands,
Tournament grade, Magfed, 50 cal, sometimes 43 cal.
Paint is fresh, safe, and Guaranteed

BYOP is not safe, and we don’t do it anymore. If you have some paint left over from a game or tournament ask us about it. White and yellow fills only. Paint older than 5 months should be thrown out.


This style is often called (Beginners) for newer players, so there are a few restrictions in effect: The same games, just at a bit slower pace. Most days we have rental and Intermediate class play.

* Guns must be set to shoot 8 balls per second or less.

* Sunday low impact Beginners walk-in (ages 8+)

* Semi-automatic mode of fire only

* Gun owners who want to play with their friends Should be playing to suit the group. They may be required to use a rental marker at no charge to play in this class

Paintball is an outdoor game played in the woods. Shorts are not recommended. Wearing camouflage or dark clothing and a pair of sturdy shoes are recommended.