Game Day

The Limit Game Day & rules

Registration starts 8 am.

Game On 10:00 am   > Horn goes on the field at 10:30 am

Lunch break  1 pm      > Game on 2 pm

Game over 430 PM.

Rules  ( in progress) 


Smoke yes, Training knives Yes , Foam swords yes,  Biodegradable FSR, Yes, shoulder mounted rocket launches @ 8 per round. Yes to shield smaller the 24×46 with a pistol only player, Yes to 50 cal, and 43 cal.


No -Pyro anything but cool smoke. No-Regular FSR, No-Tanks,  No- Shields bigger the 24 x 46 “, Nothing but Pistols behind shields. No reloading Box mags , No FPS higher then 10 bps.  No Modes ( semi only), No lasers, No Flash bangs, No Pods, No pyro paint grenades

-Gun Hits count   -No radio spying   -3 Medics in play with kill cards to punch – 300 FPS for 50 and 43 cal –