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Adrenaline Teams and Sponsorship’s

Adrenaline Paintball has a long history of both creating and sponsoring paintball teams.  Many teams that started with Adrenaline Paintball have gone on to become very well known in the paintball world. Some have even been national champions.

Adrenaline Paintball hosts a few different types of teams at the park. We can help you find a team to suit you. What is sponsorship? Look to the bottom of this page.

Want to get your own team a Park  and/or gear sponsorship? Contact us:

Looking to play on a paintball team?    Here are  some to look at  Speedball – Rec-ball !!

You already have a team and want to join the Adrenaline Camp? Contact us. 

Interested in going Pro? Adrenaline sponsors one of the Top organizations in the Country.

The teams 

The Royal City Seadogs


Semi-pro and D3 teams Play in The NXL. These team practice and play out of Adrenaline. Divisional team often take part in Semi pro practices and training activities.

visit them on facebook    

The Adrenaline Young Guns Division 5 OPL ages 14-21                                                                          

The team’s front line is currently full but they are accepting New players that want to learn. Other Young guns teams will be forming through the season, where they play will be decided as the develop. 3 alternates spots are available.

Adrenaline Anarchy, Division 6. Ontario Paintball league   

This is the First year for the Beginner Division in OPL.  This team is open to players of ages 14+. There are 5 events across SW Ontario. Practices will be with the D4 and D5 teams on Sundays.

Competitive but fun,everyone gets a chance to play and learn.

9 spots available, with 5 more spots for players that want to learn,but are not ready to compete yet.

Team fee is $200 and includes registration to all OPL events and team team, Free admission to All Practices, discounted admission to Adrenaline games,and Discounts on Team gear.

Contact :


Adrenaline Anarchy Blue ,  Division 5. OPL 

Anarchy played the last 2 events of the OPL 2016 season. They start this year with a core of solid guys. This is a group of guys 16 -25 looking to place in the finals for 2017, lots of practice, no attitudes or Egos. Play hard to win,but doing it right.

-Competitive, currently ages 16-25

-Factory Sponsored by Adrenaline Paintball, Gear Sponsorship by Exalt, and Adrenaline Custom Gear.

  • Currently looking to fill 4 spots
  • Team Fees $300, includes All OPL registrations, team jersey,discounts on team gear, and free admission to all Adrenaline games and practices.

Face book Page


Adrenaline Anarchy Division 4.  OPL

Practice’s  are approximately every other Sunday, with many of the guys on the practice field every Sunday.

-Highly Competitive, Made up of guys 17 – 27

-Factory Sponsored by Adrenaline Paintball, Gear Sponsorship by Virtue, Exalt, and Adrenaline Custom Gear

  • Currently looking to fill  , 2 slots including a 1st line snake player,  and possibly a coach.
  • Team fees $325 (based on 10 players) , includes all OPL registrations, team jersey and free admission to Adrenaline games and practices for 2017. See contract for details.



   Relentless Division,  Big Game Scenario Team      

relentless victory 2015  Relentless leads the Red to Victory GWF 2015

The Relentless Division is one of SW. Ontario’s older Scenario teams. The team was reincarnated around 2015 under the leadership of David Voortman as a FLASC factory team. This is a team that we at Adrenaline are very happy to support and recommend as a Great group to get involved with.  If you want to be a part of a great group of guys that put fun and sportsmanship above all else.  Contact Dave and get out and meet them at an event.

Relentless has an excellent Rep and many friends in the Paintball world, Nice guys that can win. Often asked to take on leadership roles in games they are attending.

Senarios / Recball / Woodsball / Pumps / Magfed / father-son / electro’s

Currently looking to add players.  Yes

Captain/Contact David Voortman

  • Events: Rec ball, and scenarios across SW. Ontario
  • Mandatory practices? No
  • Mandatory Events =  2 per year
  • Open to all marker types
  • Factory Sponsored by FLASC paintball, Field Sponsorship at Adrenaline Paintball
  • Sign up fee?  No
  • Jersey cost TBA
  • Age: The team is made up of guys 19 – 45 currently. We are open to all ages as well as father/daughter/son.

Facebook Page



Based in The Golden Horseshoe area 4KAP is a big game that is making the transition to tournaments . Their Mechanical team is the Mech misfits

  Visit there Facebook page.     

Adrenaline has 3 forms of Sponsorship’s

  1. Factory Team: These types of team’s receive the highest levels of support. They are owned by the company, so the name the  and any goodwill are the property of Adrenaline.
  2. Fully Sponsored Private Teams – With these teams the players own the team and the brand. Teams sign very specific agreements. These types of sponsorship’s can last for multiple years.
  3. Field Sponsorship’s – These teams get some perks and discounts for promoting the field and wearing a logo.

Teams we are proud to have been a part of in the past

The Adrenaline A-teams,   SPPL/CSPPL

The Northern Gunman, – Scenario and Big game Team

The Adrenaline Army, – ESPL Team 

OpFor, T-Series / Big games 

Adrenaline ALL Stars, TOC 7 Man Speedball

If you are interested in working with or want to “Get Sponsored” by Adrenaline, contact us and we can talk about how sponsorship really works. We have programs and people in place to help you get where you want to be.