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Customer Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy: Adrenaline Adventure Park adheres to the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), a federal privacy law, and the provincial privacy laws that apply. We try to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to ensure the protection of your personal information. We also adhere to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Regulations and will only communicate electronically with your permission.

Accountability: We are responsible for the personal information received from our customers and will safeguard that information in whatever form it is held. Adrenaline Adventure Park employees also understand and abide by these rules.

How Adrenaline Adventure Park Collect, Use, Share, Disclose, and Retain Your Information: We collect all personal and related information with your consent and use and retain it for the purpose of emailing you with promotions and special offers related to Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball. The right to use photographs or video images (if any are taken). The information provided is strictly confidential.

Consent: By signing our Waiver and Release of Liability form, you agree:

To provide accurate information
To allow Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball to use, this information occasionally to email you with promotions and special offers and we may retain some information on file for future use and reference

Model Release Form I hereby give Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball permission to use my photographs or video images, (if any are taken). I waive any rights to the photographs and the use and reproduction of them, for any purpose, whatsoever, without any compensation. All images shall be considered the sole property of Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball. I understand that if I wish to opt out of this, I must notify Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball in writing

What we will NOT Do with Your Information: Adrenaline Adventure Park will keep information provided strictly confidential and it will not be sold, loaned, rented, or given to any other individual or organization for any purpose, whatsoever.

Adrenaline Adventure Park Strives to Protect Your Personal Information: All employees who are granted access to client records are required by law and regulation to keep this information protected and confidential and to use the information only for the purposes identified.

Your Privacy Choices: You may withdraw your consent at any time (subject to legal or contractual obligations and on providing Adrenaline Adventure Park with reasonable notice) by contacting us in writing.

Your Right to Complain: You have the right to complain confidentially to Adrenaline Adventure Park, to the insurer, and to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada if need be.

Customer’s Consent: Until advised otherwise, you have given Adrenaline Adventure Park/Adrenaline Paintball consent to collect use, and retain my personal information as described above.