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Kids Parties

Experience your birthday, youth group, or team party with the
exciting sport of paintball.

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You can choose Regular paintball & Low Impact (hurts less) paintball

What makes your paintball party less expensive than some of the other types of activities (LIKE BOWLING) ?? Adrenaline Paintball welcomes you to bring your own food, and soft drinks. The Drinks at Adrenaline Paintball are very reasonable, but bringing your own can save you money to buy more paintballs. You don’t need fancy food, they are going to want to play. Make sure that you wait until the end of your party to eat your food to ensure paint and food don`t mix.

ALLOW your players to choose to pay for their own Upgrades, or let them bump their package up to the next level. If they have played before they know they need more ammo. They have been planning on this for weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not Unfair, It’s Just More Fun. If they have money for more paintballs, use it to buy some in bulk !!

What is Low and Lower Impact?

Adrenaline Paintball now offers a very special type of paintball games for new and young players as young as age 8 . Our 50 caliber paintball equipment shoots a high quality paintball that only contacts with 1/3 the force of a regular 68 caliber paintball. ALL the fun and less Sting. Book Way ahead with a deposit to ensure you have the low impact equipment for your group if that is what you choose.

All Paintball Party Package includes

Marker, tank, air, and hopper,Quality goggles, chest protector – FREE – for kids and ladies
Private pavilion space
Dedicated, quality host staff & expert instruction
Access to all fields that are open that day and that fit your group size
2.5-3.5 hour time slot

Extra balls are $8.85/100, $40/500, $75/1000 and $139/2000 Extra balls include extra time, Air, and use of the gear.

Birthday Party Packages

Packages include admission and rental for up to 10 players. More players are more fun. You can add players for the same cost per player as your group package, each add-on will get the appropriate number of additional balls.

Kids parties are for kids aged 16 and under. For big kid’s parties, you should look at the Team Party pricing.


All +tax The minimum for weekday parties is the Ultimate party at $600
All include Rental Gear, Body Armor, private games, your own host, and party space.


The basic is 2000 balls to share = $399.00 (this is usually not enough unless players are buying more themselves later). Add $39.90 for an extra player, each gets 200 balls


The regular is 4000 balls to share = $499.00. Add $49.90 per extra player, each gets 400 balls


Ultimate is 6000 balls to share = $599.00. extra balls after the Ultimate are $139.00/2000. Add $59.0 per extra player, each gets 600 balls.

Time Limit

Most parties take 2.5 -3 hours, add an hour if you do the Ultimate party.

The extra ball price includes more Time, more use of the equipment, access to more maps. Many players bring Money  for more balls let them contribute to the pot and buy them in BULK!!

Please Let participants individualize their experience and make it special by getting some upgrades, barrels or grenades. They have been planning on it for weeks.  The extras are fun, and sometimes help to provide more confidence in battle.

If you have not yet experienced a paintball party.  This is not what you expect.  This is paintball!   An extreme sport… meant for adults… Kids Love it.


Package prices are for a minimum of 15 players. We can accommodate groups as small as 8-14 for a small extra cost.

Adults are welcome to play in the parties as well as coaches and siblings as the organizer decides.  Choose low-impact or regular for the same price.  The extras like barrels and grenades make each player’s experience unique. It is ok to let them do some upgrades.

Packages: +tax

Private Group fee = Add $5 per person. Waived for groups of over 14 players

All packages include Rental gear, body armor, private games, a dedicated host, and private party space.

*  The basic $59 /person includes 300 balls
* Adventure $69 /person includes 500 Balls and a $6 discount on 500 packs.
* Terminator $89 / person includes 1000 balls and a $6 discount on 500 packs

Extra Balls:

Extra balls are $8.85/100 $34/500, bulk balls to share are $139/2000; 

Have a Big group of 30 or more? Is the Organization paying the whole shot?  Contact us. 

We recommend letting players upgrade the packages they want to. If someone wants to shoot like crazy it is ok to let them pay extra to move up a package.

Walk-ins Parties
Per Player Price
Join the Public Walk-in

Walk-ins are not what you think..  Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 12 pm – 5 pm. There is no minimum number of players. You & our friends will have a Blast.  We ask that you still make a reservation.

No pros allowed. You are going to fit right in.

Smaller groups 5-10 players Packages

You can choose from any of the rental packages, or do the six-pack as a group, Gun owners should look at our walk-in section for prices, for rentals see the prices above.  Single-player packages include Rental gear, body armor, private games, dedicated host, and private party space.


The Six Pack: For up to 6 players, includes all the Rental gear you need to play. Available during Public Walk-ins

* $250.00 includes 1000 balls to share (a good start but not enough)
* $320.00 includes 2000 balls to share (still not enough but a great deal)

Extra balls:

Extra balls are $8.85/100, $40/500, and bulk balls to share are $139/2000; that is only $14 each for 10 players to get another 200 balls.

Make it memorable >> Let them do the Upgrades

Feed them on a budget, or the whole hog.