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We pride ourselves on having Honest prices

Do be tricked by others in the industry that advertise silly low entry prices and then charge CRAZY prices once they get you there

paintball has to cost some money to be fun and safe.

But if you see $15 or $27.99 all inclusive you need to look a bit deeper. 100 balls is not enough ammo to have a good day. Our average shoot is 600 balls per person, and lots of those customers wish they had even more.  Look to see How much extra balls cost.  Is the super low price a way to get you there and the extras cost  “To much”

Compare  $45/500 to $30/500 as you would pay for extras if you did our adventure package, or $12 compared to our $10 tx in price for 100 balls

We offer 2 types of prices  Cheap admission, or cheap paintball and we offer that choice to every player, not just that know to ask for it.