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Global Castle Conquest

Castle conquest global game day
Global 2021

-Cool burning smoke only. (According to field conditions) Smoke in the bush will be decided on game day.
-No First Strike will be allowed

  • White and Yellow fills only, (Orange or pink for Pistols only )
  • PEG fills Only.. We only allow Field paint at this game.
  • defending players can “take the shuttle” for Air leaves 15 minutes on the 15 minute mark. Air only no additional balls.
Game Play
  • Round 1, 10:00 am Sharp. Red in hillbilly
  • Lunch1 12 pm
  • Round 2, starts 12:45
  • Lunch 2:45
  • Round 3 starts at 3:30
  • Game over 5:30
  • Prizes and Storytelling, MVP’s MVT’s
  • The day will be played in 3 rounds of 2 hours each there will be 2, 45 minute lunch breaks.
Global 3 Game Team Base’s

Round 1

Mounds -Blue
Hyperball – Green
Bush – Red

Round 2

Mounds – Red
Hyperball – Blue
Bush – Blue

Round 3

Mounds – Green
Hyperball – Red
Bush – Green

  • 5 points to turn a flag   5 points on the 30 minute mark.

  • 100 for major missions

  • 5 points for a flag pull

  • 5 points for Flags up on the 30 minute mark

  • Gold bars 5 points (returned to base)

  • Fuel cans 10 points (returned to base)

  • Main Objective complete = 100 points

  • Secondary objective complete = 50 points.

  • Flags will be counted every 30 minutes.

  • Buy an extra mission  Cost 50 points if you accept it,  costs  only 30 if you  or do not complete it.  collect 200 if you complete it .. Net points = 150…   Warning they will be challenging..

Reinsertion/ bases
  • Players may shoot out of a base
  • Players may not shoot into an enemy base,  on purpose; if it happens by chance the hit is not counted. excluding the castle
  • Bases will be set up so the opposing teams will not be able to enter. Air bunkers can only be used by defenders
  • Each team-attaching team will have 0 medics. the defending team will have at least 3 on field medics
  • Teams can use unlimited rockets from their Base.
  • Players may reinsert into the game, only from their team base.
  • Players can reinsert any time there are 5 players ready or if 10 minutes have elapsed since they entered the hospital
Other rules

Medics- 3 per Team.

  • Players can leave their bunker to find a medic medics can come to you, or you can go back to base to re-insert
  • Medics cannot heal themselves
  • Generals and XO’s can always be healed by a medic.
  • Each player can carry 1 kill card
  • Players cannot Rejuvenate from the same bunker they were shot out from

Rockets & grenades 

  • 4 rockets per attacking team round per team are allowed,  per round. .. BYOR ..
  •  They can be thrown, shot or kicked.  as long as they travel 250 fps or less.. rockets must hit a structure/ tree rock/Bunker ect.
  • All players within a 15 foot radius of the impact to a structure are eliminated and must return to base to re-spawn.
  • Teams can use unlimited rockets from inside their base.
  • Rockets eliminate a Shield player and everyone in a 15 foot radius
  • Any amount of Grande juice is an Elimination
  • Rockets should be marked with a team colour  we recommend a piece of team ribbon picking up another teams rockets is forbidden


  • Each team May have 1 Lg Shield and one small shield
  • Shields will be clear except for up to 15 % allowed for stickers or structure.  No mesh .
  • large shield in max 2′ by 3.5 ‘, a small shield is max 30″ by 24″
  • Shield players have to use mechanical markers with a 50 round maximum capacity.
  • Shields can only be used in the defense zone.
  • Shield players can be eliminated by Rockets and Grenades and swords


  • A fully pulled red flag indicates red territory

  • A fully pulled Blue Flag indicates Blue territory

  • A half pulled flag indicates Green territory   Note: the red and blue flags should be touching

Alliances – JUST CAN’T Happen 

Any Alliances not approved by The GAME BOSS will cause the two teams participating in the alliance to each loose 4 flag stations immediately, and as many points as the games Boss sees fit.


  • Teams may sell (for Points)  Players, Rockets, flag station’s.

  • All sales must be approved by the game Boss.

Troop Drop / Insertions/ Airstrike 

  • Teams can buy helicopter/Troop transport insertions into enemy territory for -50 points
  • No drops inside or within 50 feet of the castle
  • teams get 1 free Heilo per round, No Helio drops within 50 feet of the castle
  • Players may not in any way follow a troop transport
  • One player can act as a gun turret sh
  • The troop transport turret is only live while stopped to deploy troops.
  • 2 players can start to shoot at the start of the 3 second count down to Go Go Go. The turret may fire at players attempting to follow.
  • extra Helicopter insertions cost  – 50 points

Airstrikes -must be approved by The Game Boss. The cost 50 points.

  • Airstrike takes out ALL players within the 4 closet flags to the base calling the strike
  • No airstrikes against defenders.
  • Flags remain as they were when the strike is called.
  • Players eliminated can not be healed.
  • Players using the airstrike can re-enter the strike area as soon as the eliminated players have been notified
  • Opposing players cannot re enter the Strike zone for 5 count after the players using the strike have started to re enter the field,  The reff should count down from 5 till its GO Go Go
Field rules

-NO full Auto, No ramping, 3 shot burst 10 bps cap is allowed for Blow back markers only  

-No body contact

  • Keep a 6 foot distance any time you are not wearing a mask

-If you call a Paint check on an opponent and its clean,,  Your Out

-Screaming “Get out Get” out at players is considered poor sportsman ship

– No Radio Spying

– 10.5 bps Max

-No First Strike

-No Ten foot rule.

  • No Training Knives
  • foam swords must be approved by the game boss   One lg and one Small shield per team

-Mercy’s are encouraged and should be accepted

  • if You primary is hit (includes hand) , you can continue with a secondary.
Game Play Terminology
  • Team
  • Red / Green/ Blue
  • Objects
  • VIP – Dummy with your team`s colour ribbon attached
  • Wooden Suitcases – Wood squares with a metal handle that are your teams colour
  • Plastic Case – Plastic Case with your team`s colour ribbon attached
  • Bars/Bills – Worth different amounts redeemable at the Game store
  • Missiles – Wood Cylinders with a small metal Handle
  • Toolbox – Small Plastic Case with your team`s colour ribbon attached
  • Whiskey Bottles – Red, Bottle Shaped Wood
Game Store
  • 1 point can buy $2
  • Nuke – Kills every player in a map $200
  • Control of Mercenaries $200 – Have a small team of extra players join you to help make your push (20 min)
  • Better Intel $50– Receive your missions 10 minutes early
  • Flag Change $100 – Change 1 flag to your colour, can not boarder another team base. May be used  with a troop drop.
  • Bomb $100– Kills everyone  except the general in a circle with a diameter of 20 feet anywhere on the map.