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Adrenaline speedball camp is an every changing, always open to new players environment. The speedball program is heavily subsidized by Adrenaline’s Recball and Special events. It is not considered a profit center for the company. However it cannot be operated at a loss.

Our mission is to Build Healthy people learn to build heathy relationships at work and at play.  We consider the Adrenaline Brand to be a “White Hat” brand.

The A-Team is an organization has been around since 2006. The top team in the Organization has usually carried the A-Team name, but we are all A-Teams.   Anarchy, ASSAULT, ATTACK, ARMY, Uprising, Relentless, and a few more.  When you represent Adrenaline you represent the field, its members, and every player that has played on an A-Team.  It’s a big responsibility. They watch, they root for you, very event I get several messages asking me “How are our Boys doing today”    Sometimes from guys that have been out of the game 10 years…..    Sometimes from guys currently playing in Pro divisions.

  • A-Team 7 man. TOC Champs
  • Army ESPL
  • A-Team  3 divisions in SPPL , including a 1st place Elite Div. team
  • A-Team 2 Divisions in CSPPL  including back to back Canadian Champs
  • ASSAULT  SPPL world Championships 1st place
  • A-Team traveling Scenario Team
  • Northern Gunman Scenario Team
  • OPL  Young Guns, 2 event titles
  • OPL ATTACK, Uprising, Anarchy, A-Team
  • OPL Aftermath D5 season Champions
  • OPL D5 Anarchy Season Champions


Currently the camp consists of at least 1 team in each division of the OPL, 2 D6 teams and 2 D5 teams, and hopefully a 5 or 10 man Classic team.

Details may change before the start of the season. We publish this as a guide only

Team Agreement here > team agreement 2023 3.0   < If you roster for an event you have agreed to this Team agreement. Deposit is Due November 15th  and The first $200 is due by Jan 15th.   The next $200 is due By march 10th  and the balance is due before you play the first event. Team fees must be up to date to receive your team pricing at practice. Your welcome t bring guests to open practices, guest pay regular walk-in prices.

  • D6   $300 for the season  Plus Practices, jersey & event paint is extra
  • D5 5 man $300 for the season  Plus Practices, jersey & event paint is extra
  • D5 X ball $1000/ player / 2023   cost may vary, Plus Practices, Jersey, and event paint. Over payments for D5 will be returned as a paint credit at E5. Guest price of one event is $170
  • D3 $1250 per player costs  vary, Plus event paint, Jersey, and practice. Over payments for D4 will be returned as a paint credit at E5. Guest price for 1 event is $190
  • D4 $1170 costs  vary, Plus event paint, Jersey, and practice. Over payments for D4 will be returned as a paint credit at E5. Guest price for 1 event is $190
  • Open Division cost $850, Plus Practice and event paint. Includes a jersey and $500 paint credit per event for the team per event.


What does practice cost? Admission is $20 per person    Players returning after completing one full season in good standing get Free admission to   – for free admission members a $10 set up applies in a field set up is required for practice. , fee plus paint at season price 2021 was $50- $65. (No one star) we stock good to great paint.

What’s a Work day?  It is a full day 8 am – cleanup is finished at one of Adrenaline events. Same work as the staff

WTF should I work a day for free?    Adrenaline events pay for our bunkers, nets, grass, etc., what players give back to that is 1 day a year.  At least. No workdays,, No speedball program..  It’s really that simple.

Is Practice mandatory? There might be a good reason to have to miss a practice, but the 2 before each event are considered mandatory.  Miss a lot of practice and you might not get field time. You are not guaranteed points at events. Captains and coaches can distribute play time as they deem appropriate for a players contribution level.

Does everyone get the same field time?   Beginners get pretty much the same points per player. Finals are the exception. D5 most guys get the same field time unless you’re having a bad day. Finals are the Hottest players play D4 is play to win, if your hot, you play, If not > Practice more.

What’s up with the paint pool thing?   At events everyone pays 1 share of the total paint cost.  Some players have the job of suppression, some players lay on their belly in the snake.   Everything in between, every pays the same at events. It’s fair and you will learn why after a few events.

Do I have to buy special equipment’s or brands?  No, but your gear has to work when needed. Adrenaline sponsors it players with discounts equal to or better the Manufacturer sponsorships. We would like you to use and promote what we sell.  Don’t buy a bunch of stuff until you have attended a few practices. Do not spend your whole season budget on gear.

How much sponsorship do the teams have?  You Have One. Adrenaline.  We can give you the same or better discounts then any sponsor.  The team supports Good companies that do good things.  Exalt, Ninja, Kolder Paintball.

Coaching and mentoring are provided by our premiere and D4 teams. Lots of help and good advice.  Leaders are welcome. No Monkey business, No Aggressive attitudes, age appropriate behavior.

Great people make for a great season long experience.  If you’re struggling, if you have a problem or complaint, bring it to, your captain, Greg, or Marg right away.     Don’t be shy, the doors is always open.