Waiver Info

Paintball Field Waivers are in place for Everyone’s safety.

Paintball is one of the safest activities your group could be participating in. However, it is important to have all the paper work complete before taking the field. We recommend having each person, and each minor’s parents complete their own waivers.

-Our fields are maintained at the highest level in the Industry

-Our  Equipment is maintained by factory-certified Technicians

-Our staff is well trained to make the most of your Adventure and keep everyone safe. We do not use volunteers referees.

You can Email this link along with an invitation to play. Even better, you could do a Facebook Event and include our cool front page video as well as the waiver link. If your group is younger and they are doing low impact, if a few parents are nervous send the Low Impact page link.

You should definitely send a link to the on-line Wavier page  https://www.vantora.com/paintball/apb/waiver/

Please print copy of the waiver and bring it with you if you can.

Field visit  link   –  Send them a link to this cool video        https://youtu.be/pkGp9rbz98g

The Low Impact Paintball Page might put some minds at ease     http://adrenalinepaintball.com/lower-impact-page/ 

Directions to the field, its easy to find      http://adrenalinepaintball.com/directions/

Contact us if you have any questions. Don’t worry, It’s going to be a Blast.  You get them to registration, look after the food and presents and our staff will look after the rest.. See you soon!!                 (519) 453-0434

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