The Most Fun and Unique Paintball Game You Have Ever Played!

  • It is the classic fall Red vs. Blue paintball big game.
  • Yes, it includes exciting missions, medics, commander and full field game play.

Classic Zombie Universe

It is also set in an episode of the classic zombie universe, you got it, it’s the Carothers of the “Walking Dead.” Playing paintball

  • Eliminate your opponents by marking them with the standard (68cal) paintballs then pull their flag and complete the mission for points. Win The Day!


It’s Not Just Any Game, Be very afraid, the field is infested with the dead, and we all know Paintballs, Do Not Kill Zombies

  • Radio active paintballs kill zombies!!
  • Zombies will not be shot with regular paintballs   It just makes them angry 

Gear To Bring:

Be prepared. Bring your 50 cal markers, or rent one when you register, to be able to save your team from the hoard.

Radio active balls $10/100 Field Paint Only

Get your Zombie killing equipment at pre registration Time.     No promise that we will have them available on game day

Field Paint Only

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