Ultimate Admission Prices per Player

  At Adrenaline we let you choose.  Cheap paint or Cheap addmission. The Ultimate option is  Cheap(Bulk) paint) Add $5 per person in a private group. Waived for groups over 20 players. The whole group does not have to do the same package,

You want the best deal possible on paintballs.. ?

Packages: All +tax

Admission $40. Rental, extra 

Paintballs $65/2000. You can not share these with players that did not get the ultimate package
Ultimate Rental gear, $20 no balls

Additional balls = $20/ 500 or $65/ 2000. We have a selection of paint brands at different price points. You can bring balls back that you have purchased at Adrenaline before.  restrictions apply for safety.

To be able to offer the Ultimate pricing on balls we have to have a strict policy. NO PLAYER can use these balls unless they have paid the Ultimate admission. This is for Everyone’s benefit. We want to be able to offer Affordable paint to players that shoot a lot. We check on a regular basis.

Most rental players are best with the Adventure or Terminator Packages from the first section.

With the group organizers, permission private group players can choose from either group.