Ultimate Admission Prices per Player

The Ultimate admission is our version of BYOP, but, it is Better.
Players are welcome to bring Adrenaline Purchased balls back as long as the colour is correct for walk-ins (White and Yellow fill). They still need to be checked for hardness. Paintball should note be older then 6 months.
It is not permitted to share your balls with anyone that has not paid for the Ultimate Admission. No Wristband? Then you can’t share your paint with them. Yes they can go buy a wrist band.  No outside paint / box store / surplus store paint is allowed.  It is Not safe. 

Prices +tax

-Just admission with No balls $40 you might have paint left from last weekends Walk-in or Adrenaline Big Game
-Rental for the ultimate = $20
-Admission and 2000 $89 in public play, $105 in private page
-Admission and 1000 $69
-Admission and 500 balls $59

Additional Ball Start at $65/2000 – $20/500
We always have a selection of brands,
Tournament grade, Magfed, 50 cal , sometimes 43 cal.
Paint is fresh, safe and Guaranteed

BYOP is not safe, and we don’t do it anymore. If you have some paint leftover from a game or tournament ask us about it.  White and yellow fills only. Paint older then 5 months should be thrown out.