Rental Pricing Per Player

There are often 2 separate groups playing walk-in.  NO Pros in either group.
The regular group is good for everyone, all ages.
The beginner group is usually Sunday and sometimes Saturday by request.
This is a regular Impact 68 caliber paintball. Beginners is usually younger kids and their friends and families. 10 years +
The packages Include all the Gear you need to play. All +tx
Basic $55 / includes 300 balls per Person 

300 balls per player. ($0.16 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $40/500, $139.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Adventure $69 / includes 500 balls per person Person

500 balls per player; and Ammo pack ($0.13 per ball)
Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Terminator $89 / includes 1000 balls per Person

1000 balls per Player; includes Ammo pack ($.08 per ball) Extra balls. $8.85/100, $34/500, $120.00/2000 (bulk buy)

Let players choose to buy some upgrades or extras. This individualizes his or her experience and makes it extra memorable, but keeps everyone on the same level. 

Extra balls include more time, additional use of equipment and Air.