Super Sunday

Admission $30

Paintballs are $55 /case or $20 a bag. We have Special balls for Mag fed.
$55 = 2 fresh, 2 star quality.  $20/500, we carry at least three levels of paint.


Co2 =$10 per tank for all day.


$10  ( Note that there are is newbie Walk-ins this day. The Newbie games are separate from the Super Sunday games and Rentals are FREE )


$40  (see our paint restrictions, they are absolute)

If you can only play once a month, this is the day to come.  We will run, bigger rec ball games,  mini scenario style games, Mag friendly games and have something new every month.

With FREE air or 410 all day CO2,  parking, washrooms, repairs, pro-shop, Insurance, Cronos, and FREE loaners on site…

It is now cheaper to play at a huge “cool” field than in your own Bush !!

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