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Speedball At Adrenaline’s “The Pound”


Adrenaline Paintball has a Speedball Program that has something for everyone. 2 Regulation sized fields plus A Mounds, Hyperball and multiple Woodsball fields. means that we always have space and we always have good Grass. New players are welcome to join open practice times. Adrenaline publishes a separate speedball schedule.

Players always want to know; how do i get involved? Paintball isn’t like any other sport, So ask a lot of questions, just come out and meet some people. paintballers might look intimidating but they are open and love to talk about what the paly and all their gear

Skills and Drills

Anyone can come to a Skills and drills session. Sunday mornings and some Tuesday or Thursday evenings Check the > Speedball schedule. < the cost is $20 pre-paid or Cash only. free if you were at practice the Sunday prior. this is good for any player, Recball, woodsball, speedball. Any player that wants to develop. Instructors are D3+ often Semi pro players with proven on-field skills.

If you are already into the sport you can apply to join one of Our Factory teams, you could take part in some open practice, or get your own team together and maybe get sponsored. Come out and enjoy the great atmosphere while you learn. teams can book a Private practice you your squad in one of our speedball fields.

Beginners program

The Adrenaline beginners program is a way for you to get involved and learn as you go. Set up for brand new players of all ages. Just come on out and see what its all about.


Each Spring Adrenaline Hosts a Beginners Tournament. Teams and/or single players are welcome to play. The day starts with an Open practice in the morning and then a full blown Tournament in the afternoon. D5Xball added for 2023

Contact us to get involved

The Ontario Paintball League

Our Competitive speedball teams play in the Ontario paintball league. Five events across SWO include one or two at Adrenaline each season.

Annual The Ontario Classic

Adrenaline Holds its own Classic Paintball Events. These Events are Open Class Which means Everyone for world famous pros to Good ol boys with something to prove battling it out on fields from the 80’s and 90’s.

Classic paintball is help on the Classic fields like Hyperball and Mounds with purely mechanical markers. 10v 10 and 5v5


Our teams Past and Present