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If you want to be Involved in the 2020 charity game please contact us .


-Game play runs 10 am - 430 PM with a 1 hour break for Lunch.

-Preregister to get included in the best prizes and to make planning an Amazing day possible.  

To Volunteer and/or get game day information    Contact  519-453-0434
To Volunteer and/or get game day information    Contact  519-453-0434

The Fight rules and game day from 2019

Rules can be changed by the game boss at anytime to ensure safety and sportsman like Game play.

Cool burning smoke only. (According to field conditions) NO Smoke in the bush
-No First Strike will be allowed
• White and Yellow fills only, (Orange or pink for Pistols only )
• Field paint Only
Pistol players may use Quality coloured fill.
Game Play
Round 1, 10:00 am Sharp. Ready or not
Lunch 1pm
Round 2, starts at 2 pm
Game over 5 pm.. Prizes and Storytelling, MVP’s MVT’s
The day will be played multiple rounds. One main round in the am, and 1 in the afternoon. Each team will have one major and one Minor objective to accomplish on the 1/2 hour. The opposing team will not know what those missions are.
5 points for a flag pull
5 points for Flags up on the 30 minute mark
Gold bars 5 points (returned to base)
Fuel cans 10 points (returned to base)
Main Objective complete = 100 points
Secondary objective complete = 50 points.
-Flags will be counted every 30 minutes.

Reinsertion/ bases
Players may shoot out of a base
Players may not shoot into an enemy base, on purpose; if it happens by chance the hit is not counted.
– Bases will be set up so the opposing teams will not be able to enter.
-Each team will have at least 3 on field medics
-Players coming in from staging area may reinsert into the game, only from their team base.
-Players can reinsert any time there are 5 players ready or if 10 minutes has elapsed since they entered the hospital
Other rules
Medics- 3 per Team.
• Medics will punch one life tag to rejuvenate a player, at that point the player must move to the nearest flag station flying his teams color to resume play.
• Players should leave their bunker to find a medic or return to base.
• Medics will be members of the team.
• Medics cannot heal themselves.
• Additional hole punches will not be issued. This equipment is a valuable team resource.
• Medics cannot heal players eliminated by pistols, Rockets or grenades. with the exception of a General, a battle buddy, or OX.
• Generals and XO’s can always be healed by a medic.
• Each player can carry 1 kill card
• After a players card is punched they are Live and can be shot, If they lower their hand, They can not resume play until they have tagged in at a flag of their own colour
• Players cannot rejuvenate from a flag station that they were shot out from.
• Medics must be clearly marked. Players can change roles anytime, as long as they are clearly marked.
-Players can not be healed form a pistol or clourered With the exception of a General or Xo
Rockets & grenades
• 4 rockets per round per team are allowed, per round. they are dead to all teams once used .. BYOR ..
• They can be thrown, shot or kicked. as long as they travel 250 fps or less.. rockets must hit a structure/ tree rock ect.
• All players within a 15 foot radius of the impact are eliminated and must return to base to re-spawn.
• Teams can use unlimited rockets from inside their base.
• Rockets eliminate a Shield player and everyone in a 15 foot radius
• Players can not Medic from a rocket hit
• Any amount of Grande juice is an Elimination

• Each team May have 1 lg Shield and one small shield player
• Shields will be clear except for up to 15 % allowed for stickers or structure. mesh is considered clear.
• large shield in max 2′ by 3 ‘, a small shield is max 18″ by 24″
• Shield players have to use mechanical markers with a 50 round maximum capacity.
• Shields can not be used within 150′ of the other teams base
• Shield players can be eliminated by Rockets and Grenades.

-A fully pulled red flag indicates red territory
-A fully pulled Blue Flag indicates Blue territory

Teams may sell (for Points) Players, Rockets, flag station’s.
All sales must be approved by the game Boss.
Troop Drop / Insertions/ Airstrike
• Teams can buy helicopter/Troop transport insertions into enemy territory for -50 points
• Players may not in any way follow a troop transport
• The troop transport turret is only live while stopped to deploy troops.
• 2 players can start to shoot at the start of the 3 second count down to Go Go Go. The turret may fire at players attempting to follow.
• extra Helicopter insertions cost – 50 points
Airstrikes -must be approved by The Game Boss. The cost 50 points.
• Airstrike takes out ALL players within the 4 closet flags to the base calling the strike
• Flags remain as they were when the strike is called.
• Players eliminated by an airstrike can not be healed.
• Players using the airstrike can re-enter the strike area as soon as the eliminated players have been notified
• Opposing players cannot re enter the Strike zone for 5 count after the players using the strike have started to re enter the field, The reff should count down from 5 till its GO Go Go

Field rules
-NO full Auto, No ramping The 3 shot burst with a 10 bps cap, is allowed for Blow back markers only
-No body contact
-If you call a Paint check on an opponent and its clean,, Your Out
-Screaming get out Get out at players is considered poor sportsman ship
– No Radio Spying
-10.5 bps Max
-No First Strike
-No Ten foot rule. with the exception of Young rental players.
• No Training Knives or foam swords. One lg and one Small shield per team
-Mercy’s are encouraged and should be accepted
• if You primary is hit (includes hand) , you can continue with a secondary.
-Mechanical mag fed markers, and pistol players may use “ the special Colour of the day. ” A hit from a pistol player using these special rounds cannot be healed by a medic. These players must return to base.

Right or Wrong the Reffs word is Final.