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Private Play is Our Specialty

Closed Aug 22 – Aug – 26 for staff vacations

Every year Adrenaline Paintball hosts 100’s of private groups. Birthday Parties, bachelor parties, corporate outings, team building, family functions and lots of “Let’s just get together.” Lots of teams have both start of the season and year end parties at the Park.   Paintball is an excellent way to get to know each other and break through some of the social barriers that get in the way of making new friends.

We have many different packages that will make your event as affordable as possible.  We can also custom design a package to suit your needs.  From 2 hours to 6 hours and from 300 balls per player to 1000’s of balls per player. We have special programs for Parents, Coaches and Company owners to make it easy for you to manage your visit and allow you to be able to afford to give your group a great experience.

To Be Clear, This is not Laser tag, a video game, not tennis, or golf.

THIS IS PAINTBALL. A Truly  Extreme Sport – Heart Pounding – Bucket Listing  –  Never Forgetting -Extreme Experience

What a group wants, and needs is what we do. As Full-Time professionals in the paintball entertainment industry, we know what it takes to give your group and amazing experience.        The answer is simply  —   Yes we do that

– Comfortable staging – covered, private pavilion space, and picnic tables for your group

– Clean Portable washrooms – Hand wash stations, Free goggle cleaning supplies

– Mature, professional Host staff –  *We do Not use volunteers*.  As the organizer you can be assured that our staff will look after all your group’s needs, equipment fitting, instruction, safety training, mission assignments, on field refereeing, clean up. Your host will look after everything !!

– Amazing playing fields, You can play ALL DAY and not have to play the same game twice.  Our playing fields are some of the best developed and best maintained on the continent.  With 10+ years experience in developing eleven different scenarios, playing them makes for some of the safest , challenging and fun in the paintball world.

– Suitable for all Skill levels, Our playing facility has been developed over the last 10+ years to be suitable for all skill levels.

– Truly Private Play..  don’t get stuck with a bunch of pirates and ninjas in your group.   If you Book Private Play,  that’s exactly what you get.

– State of the Art Equipment..  We use the absolute best rental equipment in the industry..  genuine Tippmann Markers assure durable, dependable performance, Ninja High-pressure Air tanks with gauges so that you always know when you are low on air.  Tippmann and V-Force goggles, Anti-fog to help make sure you can see your target (having a choice in goggles assures they will be comfortable for all sizes and shapes).  Yes, they fit glasses.

BYO food options make a paintball outing very affordable for a group. Spend your resources on the fun part.  Make it a company BBQ or pizza party for under $10 per person…

*Paintballs* Quality paintballs hurt much less than the cheap ones.  Our paintballs will not stain or leave any residue on your clothes after they are washed. Paintballs break easily on target but not in the marker.   You can be sure the ingredients are safe for your friends and the environment


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