Paintball Parties

Book your special event at Adrenaline Paintball! We offer special package pricing for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate events. 

What makes your paintball party less expensive than some of the other types of activities (LIKE BOWLING) ?? Adrenaline Paintball welcomes you to bring your own food, and soft drinks. The Drinks at Adrenaline Paintball are very reasonable, but bringing your own can save you money to buy more paintballs.. 

 ALLOW your players to choose to pay for their own Upgrades, or let them bump their package up to the next level. If they have played before they know they need more ammo. They have been planning on this for weeks.  Don’t worry, it’s not Unfair, It’s Just More Fun. If they have Money for more paintballs use it to buy some in bulk !!

 What is Low and Lower Impact ? 

Adrenaline Paintball now offers a very special type of paintball games for new and young players as young as age 8 . Our 50 calibre paintball equipment shoots a high quality paintball that only contacts with 1/3 the force of a regular 68 calibre paintball.  ALL the fun and less Sting. Book Way ahead with a deposit to ensure you have the low impact equipment for your group if that is what you choose. Click here to check out our Low Impact page

All Paintball Party Package includes:

  • -Marker, Tank and Hopper
  • -Quality Goggles
  • -Chest protector – FREE- for kids and ladies
  • -Private pavilion space.
  • -Dedicated, Quality Host staff. & Expert instruction
  • -Access to all fields that are open that day, and that fit your group size.
  • Extra balls are $8.85/100, $40/500 Extra balls include extra time, Air, and use of the gear. Bulk Balls are $139/2000 ( think of it as Doubling your party with 2000 balls for $14 per player)


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Regular Paintball Parties

Low Impact Parties

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