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Opening Day Is here !!! On April 22nd

Open Paintball Walk- on is a time when players join together for recreational play. When possible the rental players and the gun owners will play separately This is not always possible. But we try… You can be sure to have a blast either way.

On Opening day we have Giveaways,, deals,,, and hours of the funnest game on earth    Prizes & Giveaways including Tippmann A-5,

Admission; $10
Rental Equipment- free if required
Reserve your rental equipment in advance by paying your $10 admission. 519.453.0434
Paintballs: $8.85/100, $40/500

— or — do a package at our once a year special prices..
Basic Package- $39.95 includes admission, rental if required & 300 paintballs
Extra Paintballs: $8.85/100, $40/500

$50 Adventure Package includes Admission, rental gear and 500 balls
$75 Terminator Package includes Admission rental gear, 1000 balls, and an ammo pack.
Extra Paintballs: $8.85/100, $40/500



Gun owner?  Heavy Gunner??

Ultimate Admission (BYOP) $40
Ultimate Admission and a case $80…. for use by Ultimate players only.
Ultimate Admission, Rental and a case $90
NO off field paintballs allowed in rental guns

BYOP: No one without a BYOP/Ultimate pass is permitted to use off field paint, or Paint purchased in Ultimate packages. Yes; we check often. Yellow or white fill only. 100% peg fills only. Call to find out what paints are allowed. ( No mercy )
Ultimate Admission. ONLY $60/2000 (Ultimate) wristband required to use Bulk balls)

Air is FREE CO2 is $10 per tank all day fills                                                              


All prices are plus tax
Call 519 453 0434 for more information