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Lower Impact Paintball


  Check out this Video  From a Paintball Park that uses the GOG paintball Marker   At Adrenaline Paintball we use Tippmann Markers

This is a newer type of paintball play that is great for newer and younger players, or players that are looking for the same exciting Adrenaline filled experience but without the harder impact of the big 68 calibre paintball. Low Impact Paintball is great for corporate groups, birthday parties or just because.

Lower Impact is for players age 10 and up.

Low Impact is for players as young as 8 years of age.

This is not plastic Pump markers. SPLAT Master? .. No Sir..  Not Here             

Adrenaline Paintball uses the best possible equipment and paintballs for our Lower Impact formats. Paintballs are .50 of an inch instead of .68 of an inch. This means that the ball is 1/2 of the weight and hits 1/2 as hard. Only the best quality, most fragile shells are used in these games. The most fragile shells give the lowest impact, they are also the most expensive to make.

Lower Impact is a regular shelled paintball that shoots at up to 280 feet per second. ages 10 and up.

Low Impact is a more fragile paintball and the velocity is 180 – 200 feet per second

This is a great way to get shy players started or to provide a good experience for younger players, also great in mixed or work groups

The Rental Equipment Set Includes

  • – Quality Full Metal Tippmann FT 50
  • -Full Face Goggles with Anti fog lens
  • – Body Armour
  • -Hopper
  • -Smaller size HPA tank, Free Air fills, Dedicated host,
  • – Expert Safety Instruction, — You look after the cake and Presents…   We will Look after EVERYTHING else.

We do not rent Gloves but we do have them for sale as cheap as $2 – $15      We do recommend them,  You are welcome to bring your own.

rental set

Let each Player customize their own experience by Buying their own Upgrades,,   It’s not Unfair,,    it’s just More Fun

Have all the information you need ?                         

Please contact us if you don’t here from us within a few hours. call 519 453 0434  text 226 919 6922