We Honor all GO PLAY passes!!

Go Play passes can be used during any public play “Walk-in” session.  You get, admission, access to 11 maps and endless game stories, Rental gear, Safety Training, and expert instruction / guidance during play Email us and request your very own Adrenaline Paintball Go play pass which includes Free admission and rental gear, but no balls.

You will need to buy some paintballs. Please be aware that not all paintball are safe to shoot people with, we have to ensure everyone is safe, so we are very strict as to what balls can be used.. We do have a BYO paint pass, but for these passes we are Field paint only.  paintballs start at $8.85 for 100 and go from there. If you are already into paintball and want to know about Pricing for you, check out the pricing button above.

Go Play paintball is a way for you to :                                     

  1. Educate yourself on what your kids, or you your, self are getting into
  2. Try  the most exhilarating sport on Earth
  3. Get off the computer or tablet and get on the field
  4. Get paintball off that bucket list
  5. Try before you buy paintball gear.
  6. Get Safety Taring fro certificated paintball Professional your You and your kids.

Lots of people are interested in Paintball, but they don’t know what it is about or how to go about experiencing this extreme sport for them selves or how to let their kids experience paintball

  1. If you haven’t Played Paintball, or haven’t played it outdoors on a well developed field, then you just have no idea. It’s going to Blow your mind!!! Paintball is not laser tag, bowling, Battelfield on line, or Airsoft.  IT IS PAINTBALL. The one and only. Hart pounding, Adrenaline Jacking,  Extreme Sporting, Bucket listing…. “This is Paintball”
  2. Try it in a safe controlled professionally operate setting. We see 1000’s of new players every year. We know how to make your experience, everything it should be.
  3. paintball is that activity that gets those that are sometimes hard to pull away from the Computer screen up on the feet and outside. Paintball is an Individual activity that is played as a team.. paintball as a sport or hobby isn’t for everyone, but it does appeal to many that are not interested in conventional sports or recreational activities.
  4. Paintball is a bucket list experience, along with Sky Diving, Bungee jumping and Big wave surfing, and you can try it for less then the cost to fill up your car.
  5. Looking to buy some gear?  STOP! Talk to a Professional. Try out some gear, GO play is your FREE chance to experience the most common equipment in the industry before you buy.
  6. Moms and Dads Need to get educated on Paintball safety BEFORE buy gear for your kids.  Kids need to get the rules from a professional.  paintball is an adult activity where you shoot people with 12 g projectiles that travel 200mph. Kids love it. parents need to know what the absolute rules for paintball are..   Players need to be trained.



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