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 Dead By Dawn

A Zombie experience

 Oct 26, 2024, 4;30pm – 10:30 pm


Scroll past the poster for Dead by Dusk Rules


Dead by Dusk Rules

-No Pyro, Flash Bangs, Lasers or Strobes.

Full seal ASTM approved eye protection required.


Game play will start shortly after 4 PM


A Zombie Experience

Dead by Dawn

The Game is set in the Red zone of a Zombie infested world.

Players will have limited resources to use to deal with the Zombie Hordes while trying to stay alive and complete missions.

The game is set on a massive 35 acre map that includes a town, a Prison, a forest with cabins, a pioneer outpost, a Heli pad and more.

Admission in advance $50+tx

Admission at the Gate $60+tx

4pm – 11pm


Basic Rules

Minimum age is 14, or as young as 12 with the proper supervision (a mature/sponsor player).

FPS limit = 1.5 joules, Snipers @ 1.8 joules *Most sniper rifles probably wont qualify.

Barrel socks required.

Semi auto Only.

Ammo = Adrenaline field bbs only (reasonably priced good quality).

You may mix your ammo with field purchased Bio tracers. We sell Taktik tracer bbs on site if you wish (Bio Trace available to buy) – Tracer unit required.  Buy your tracers with your ticket to be sure you get some.

Swords/Melees must be approved by head ref or game boss.


Civilian Camp – .

Military base –

Zombie nest – Find it and you might wish you hadn’t!



No flashlight strobing. No Strobing Zombies  Strobing will get you ejected from the game >>Strobing sent a player to hospital in 2023 <<  

No night vision

No lasers.

10-foot bang bang rule. this is an ASTM international safety standard  negotiable.. Adrenaline does not set the safety rules, We do follow them

20′ non engagement distance with zombies.

Full seal goggles required. No glasses style goggles >> if they have arms on the side, then we do not allow them.

No body contact, no abusive or vulgar language.

Call your hits, or, just Do Not Play this game.

No flash Bangs.

No riot shields.

Don’t shoot players in their base. Players that are inside their base may not be eliminated.

Game Play

Most of the game will be trying to Complete missions and collect resources   while, survive the Dead, how ever, the teams resource needs and their missions may see the teams in conflict with each other.

Games will be played in medium length rounds approximately 1 hour.  with breaks to reload and regroup.

Players can choose death or turn zombie when captured by a zombie.  Players will surrender 1 Kill tag to a zombie when captured.

Players will wear a ribbon or glow stick  front and back.  If you lose your last life tag you can return to staging, or choose to go back to base to reinsert every time you die!

Players killed by a Zombie will surrender one Life tag if they have any left to that zombie .  Then start back at their base.

Players that Turn Zombie Stay Turned until the next round starts. If you want to play as a Zombie please see the game boss.

Players can be healed by a medic if shot. Players stay still for a count of 50 Mississippi, then bleed out if not treated by Medic or assisted by a live player. Dead players can be moved by a live player. The count stops when being treated/assisted, but must resume if abandoned or live player/Medic is killed while assisting.

Zombies will go back to hidden base when killed.

Zombie kill shot is a Torso shot… Not a head shot for this game << heads , arms , legs  will only make Zombies mad enough to run.

Zombies can attack wounded (bleeding out) players.

– Each Player may carry 3 “Mid cap” mags or  no more than 400 bbs. Back to staging to restock ammo. You can return to staging and replace your midcaps anytime.

– Each player will start the round with a set amount of life tickets (no less then 5 per round).

– If you are killed by a zombie (2 hand touch) or short melee (24 Inch squeegee/approved sword ) the player must surrender both sides of a kill ticket.


Game scores

Pull a flag +10 points.

Complete an objective +50 – 100 points.

Un-used live tickets  are for prizes.

Gold bars +10 points.

Gas can +20 points.

Brief case +10 points.

zombie points

Flag plus 10 points for the team.

Life ticket plus 5 points each.

At the end of every round, players will have their left-over tickets counted and then put the coupon side in a draw for prize they would like a chance to win at the end of the night.