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 Dead By Dawn

A Zombie experience

 Oct 22 2022 4 pm – 11 pm



Dead by Dusk Rules

-No Pyro, -No Flash Bangs, Full seal ASTM approved Eye pro, no strobes,


Game play will start shortly after 4 PM


Game Play

Toxic area where only Person carrying oxygen tank can enter (wooden cylinders)
Heavy Gunner – Can bring out as many mags as they want (ONLY THEY CAN USE THOSE MAGS) – Can`t kill
Zombies- the living dead will be appropriately marked with caution tape
Medic – Can revive teammates by going to them and touching them on the shoulder, respawn and
closets flag to them, can’t respawn at a flag they were shot out of.

Game 1 – Set Up Base
Obj 1 – Retrieve Items back to base +25 points per item
Obj 2 – Don’t let any Zombies get into the base -10 points per Zombie able to enter
1 Hr – time limit

Game 2 – Secure Water supply
Obj – control Center of map for 20 mins straight (or highest after 1.5 hrs.)
60 points to the winners

Game 3 – Hold the watch tower
Obj – Each team holds castle, points = 2x time held

Game 4 – War of the clans
Obj – Everyone gets 5 live, retrieve the flag from the other team’s base
100 points to the winner

Zombie points
G1 – 25 points per zombie in base
G2 – 10 points per min flag held
G3 – 30 points per zombie gotten into castle
G4 – 50 points per flag brought back to Zombie base