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Chad’s Annual 2v2 Birthday Event

Aug 29th , 11 am.

Chad’s 2v2 is an event for everyone, beginners to retired pros will be matched to play 2v2 matches. Everyone is welcome, Everyone will have fun. Show up with whatever you’ve got and get involved in the greatest sport on earth

-Admission and a case $75+Tx.  Includes a rental if needed.

-Paint From  $55/2000

-2v2, 1 point to pull a flag, 1 point if you hang a  flag at the opostions Start box.

-Teams selected at Random  1 Pro and 1 Joe.

-10 BPS,  capped Semi,  Age Limit at 10 years+

-Every player starts with an Empty hopper and may carry  4 pods maximum per point.

Round robins will be played for prelims with each team Guaranteed at least 8 games. Playdowns will include at least the top 4 teams.

The objective of this event is for everyone to HAVE A BLAST!!

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