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Welcome to Adrenaline. We work hard to provide the best possible experience. We are a well established, licensed and insured facility.  We require Biodegradable Bbs that are compostable You must buy BBS with you admission until you are a know returning customer. Unfortunately, to often players sneak bad bbs into the park leaving kg’s and kg’s of Plastic bbs behind.

Public play Admission $30.00 +tx for a half day and $40 plus Tx for a full day.

Private group admission $30.00 +tx with a minimum of $500 in admissions per group

Non private Play Group Admission $30.00 +tx  with a minimum of $400 in admissions per group


  • BBs .25, – .40  Prices TBA, competitive with retail stores and online vendors.
  • Green gas Available
  • Propane Available
  • Mesh bottom  Available.
  • Goggle rental $5 ( paintball
  • Goggles (Airsoft Eye protection) $45 and up

BB Pricing:
0.25 bb’s $6.99/1000
0.25 BB’s Accelerate $24.99/5000
0.28 bb’s Accelerate $15.99/2500
0.28 BB’s ACCELERATE $30.99/5000
0.30 BB’s ACCELERATE $32.99/5000
0.36 BB’s ACCELERATE $42.99/2500

G&G, and Tippmann are also available in kg bags.

Please feel free to Email us with questions.

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