Welcome to Adrenaline Airsoft:

Adrenaline has been doing Airsoft since full metal became legal again. As one of the first vendors of high-end equipment, Adrenaline has been at the front of Airsoft in the region since 2008 and has been hosting games for 3 -5 years longer than most other playing fields in the area. We host mostly recreational types of play that are suitable for regular players, fathers and sons/daughters, and veterans that just want to get out and play some in the afternoon.

Who should play Airsoft?

Airsoft is different than Paintball; it is an Adult experience; where Paintball is more of a sport/ Game. Young people are very drawn to Airsoft, and it can be a great outdoor activity for them,it is important to know that thier fellow players might not be there to be age appropriate. The minimum age is 12 for most days: we recommend parents come and stay or even play with players 14 and under. Special events may have different age requirements.

What does it cost to play?

Adrenaline Open Play dates

  • Admission $25 + tax

We no longer have Rentals 
You can book open play at the field any date that there is not a special event day. There are minimum numbers of players required to have your group. We recommend opening your group as a public play group.
We do not recommend Airsoft for work groups, birthday parties or private fun days unless the whole group has Airsoft equipment. Paintball equipment works much better for groups like this. If you are looking for something realistic and fun; try magfed paintball

Minimum admissions for a group accepting public play is $300.

Minimum admission for a strictly private group is $400.

When Can I play?

 Players can book their own private play time with groups of 12 or more.  There are other games hosted at Other places; some are private properties, some are public, it is good to check to see that the playing field is insured? Licensed? What are the Age limits? Check to be sure that the Proper Permissions are in place. If a host says “everyone signs a waiver” that only protects them, it does not protect you from being sued by another player. 

What if I am New?  What can I expect?  *First things first, new players should play paintball.* 

Airsoft and its regular players can be a bit intimidating. Don’t believe most of what you read on the internet. Games at our park are for new to intermediate players; they are hosted by our staff. You will be welcomed by staff and players alike. Veteran players are welcome.

The internet is full of armchair airsofter players, grouchy old men, and young men that want to be grouchy old men. These are people that would like to keep airsoft to themselves, as an elite / underground activity.
Players come to Airsoft games as a place to escape and have an experience; not necessarily to play games. Just because they are extremely serious doesn’t mean you have to be, but it’s important that you don’t take away from their experience.

Dress: it’s OK to wear whatever you have when you get started, paintball mask, jeans, whatever. If you like Airsoft and you keep playing you should make an effort to play the part, get some BDU’s (battle dress uniform) learn some of the language, learn and follow the code of good game play. DO NOT spend a fortune on gear to start….. You will almost certainly buy the “wrong stuff.” Come to games ask around; players love to talk about their gear. Once you are “in the Know” then buy your BDU’s