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Airsoft and the Law

Are Airsoft guns Toys?  Are they replicas?  or Are they Fire Arms?

Airsoft guns are not toys. Airsoft bb’s have been shown to do Significant damage to an eye ball. The Pigs eye test is how guns/air guns/spring guns are classified. If they were toys, they would be considered replicas. Replica Firearms are VERY illegal. There for if you paint a clear plastic toy black, it is now a replica fire arm and Illegal.

Airsoft guns should not be replicas !! They should not be talked about as replica firearms. They will be considered replica fire arms if they shoot less than 365 FPS (feet per Second), this is mostly for import and export, but it is the law.

Airsoft guns ARE firearms if used unlawfully, or if the shoot over 500 FPS.

The laws have been updated, appealed and are enforced differently in different situations. The Boarder is very strict, and the inspecting officers enforce the laws / interpenetrate the laws however they see fit.

The laws Change pretty regularly, Don’t believe Everything you read on the Internet.

The laws have been tuned and adjusted since Airsoft business started to import Full metal, black Airsoft guns again about 2009.

Here is one reliable link to study ( Click )