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Age Appropriate Airsoft

Age limits are different for different types of fields and games across Ontario. At legitimate playing fields, the Age limit is usually dictated by Insurance requirements. Games are often organized by players, and those players can set the age limit for the games they organize. At Adrenaline public play days are open to players age 12 and up. If you are just getting into Airsoft and you are choosing between Airsoft and Paintball for you child.   Call us. Paintball is much more youth friendly.  We recommend the under 16 crowd starts with Paintball, but it is more expensive, The player may be strongly drawn to the realism of airsoft and his or her friends might already be involved in Airsoft. NOTE: the equipment might look and feel more realistic. But ALL Airsoft equipment is built like toys. Even the expensive Stuff. It might cost $550 but it is built like a $40 remote control car inside, and, they are really expensive to repair; if you can find someone to fix it.  Truth !

  • The age  limit for insurance for paintball is 10
  • The age limit for insurance for Airsoft is 12

Be aware that every Airsoft player is treated the same on the field.  You should be aware that in Airsoft, unlike paintball there is no special treatment for children. Many Airsofters and Airsoft game operators at other places will only allow players 18 and up.

At Adrenaline we want to give every player the best experience possible. We have seen 1000’s, even 10’s of 1000’s of players get involved over the years. Paintball and Airsoft gaming is great exercise, it helps build healthy relationships, and it appeals to some youth that wouldn’t normally get excited about outdoor activities.  We will be brutally honest when you ask questions; we want you and yours to be happy and involved. We don’t want you to spend a lot of money and get disgruntled and disappear.  Question or concerns?  Please feel free to ask.