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Adrenaline has a small Retail Store front, on site, at the Paintball Park. It is, tiny,  but mighty. With 15 years experience and boasting Certified Techs qualified in all the major and most Minor brands  we service what we sell, and we are very upfront about Whats good and what is crap.   The Paintball world if full of poorly made and discontinued equipment that you want to avoid.

If you have a question ask..  Buying Gear out of the USA isn’t as cheap as you might think, and getting service or warranty can be time consuming and expensive. And they don’t provide you with  Honest answers.

You can visit our simple On-Line store, but we recomend calling or emailing us with your orders.

We Recommend.

-Tippmann and Markers

-Ninja  Air (only reliable Air system manufacturer  hands down )

– Planet Eclipse markers and Gear.

-First strike markers  ( If you will service it yourself)

-BT if its Non electric  ( BT was bought out by Tippmann and parts discontinued)

V force, Virtue, and Empire Goggles

Exalt Gear. Dye Gear, but not Markers

Do Not Buy  Spyder or Rap 4  at any price.

We can Get almost anything you see online.  And Cheaper if its in Canada

Best place to look is     make a list, email us  and we will beat the regular price.

We have a poorly run online store of our own

Email;, or call 519 453 0434

Remember we can get almost anything you need.   A good place to look at  gear in Canada is www.Badlandspaintball. After you research what you want call or email us and we will get  you better pricing and Great service.