$5 Fridays at Adrenaline Paintball

Runs Only While School is out

$5 Friday’s are Public Play only. 

$5 Days Start Mid Summer. Last Date to play is before  SEPTEMBER 1st before back to School!!

On Days when there are enough players we will separate players by experience levels. Players must be 10 years+ of age to play.

Check the schedule button above for dates and times.

$5 Admission / $5 Rental

Paintballs $8.85/100 or $30/500

Air is Free/Co2 is $10, for all day fills to one tank

Friday Evenings Starting June 29, 2018

Most Friday evenings we have a good mix of new players and experienced players.

If you are new, This is a great time to come. You will have a blast!!

 Or pay >> $40 for the /Ultimate admission.

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