4kap Company is a family oriented team most members being parents themselves with the goal to expand the sport and take it to its full potential.


  • Captain – Joseph “nemesis” Bishop
  • Co-captain Matt “lighthouse” Lightfoot
  • Co-Captain Alex “Suicide4Kap” Krystowki
  • Co-captain Ashley “Frost” Kruuv
  • Phil “Twitch” O’Brian
  • Xavier “Shadowronin”
  • Richards “Smokey” Sallows
  • Greg “Blackcreed”
  • Mike “Joker” Kerr
  • Josh Canadianghost” Ackerman
  • Cameron Stutt

4Kap Speedball

  • Captain Donny “Derby” Campbell
  • Pat Rowan

Reserve Players

  • Laura Bishop
  • Justin “Youngblood” St.Pierre

4KAP are proud Sponsor/ Supporters of: