A Walk- on is a time when you or your friends can come out to the field and join a game in progress. Everyone is welcome. We try to divide play by experience level as much as possible.

Walk on dates are posted in the park schedule. Walk -on’s are usually held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 12:00 until 5:00.

Please note that rental equipment is based on a “first come, first serve” basis, to guarantee that there will be rental equipment for you and your friends please call 519‐453‐0434. Or hit the Book Now button.

There are many pricing options for players attending our walk-ons. Players must choose one option at registration time. Players must be 10+ years of age to play.                                           

Regular Admission

  • Admission: $20 per player (includes 100 paintballs)
  • Rental gear: $10 (gun, mask, tank) Free on Sunday
  • Paintballs: $8.85/100 & $40 + tax/500

Ultimate Admission

  • Admission and 2000 balls $75
  • Admission Rental gear and 2000 balls $95
  • Bulk Paint: Starting at $55/2000 (Add $10 for winter paint)
  • BYOP may be allowed in special situations only. Please contact us
  • Ultimate admission $40
  • Ultimate rental $20 

Please Read the BYOP Details before bringing Paintballs to the Adrenaline Paintball Park.      

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A Truly  Extreme Sport – Heart Pounding – Bucket Listing – Never Forgetting Today, PAINTBALL

So  GO Big with your packages,  it’s worth it!

All Inclusive Packages:

Paintballs purchased with the Ultimate admission are a different colour and can only be used by Ultimate admission holders

Basic Package 300: $39.95

  • basic rental if required
  • 300 balls per player
  • mature Host staff
  • Free Air
  • expert instruction
  • get additional balls for only $8.85/100, $40/500
  • Check out the Upgrades    

Adventure 500 Package: $59.00

  • basic rental if required
  • 500 balls per player wit a $10 discount on additional 500 bags
  • mature Host staff
  • expert instruction
  • Extra Paintballs: $8.85/100 & $30/ 500
  • Ammo carrier
  • Check out the Upgrades    

Terminator 1000 Rental Package:

  • $84 includes:
  • basic rental if required
  • 1000 balls per player, and a $10 discount on extar 500 bags
  • Ammo pack to carry extra balls into battle
  • mature host staff and expert instruction
  • Extra Paintballs: $8.85/100 & $ 30/500
  • Full access to beginner and advanced courses.
  • Check out the Upgrades   

On most days, we offer two different styles of paintball during our walk-ons: Rental Play and Open Class. Our field limits are 280 FPS and 10 BPS.

Note: If there are enough players we will separate the gun owners and rental players. This can’t always be the case. We will do our best

Rental Class Games:

This style is for newer players, so there are a few restrictions in effect: The same games, just at a slower pace.

  • Guns must not be capable of shooting more than 10 balls per second
  • Semi automatic mode of fire only
  • Gun owners may be required to use a rental marker at no charge to play in this class

Paintball is an outdoor game played in the woods. Shorts are not recommended. Wearing camouflage or dark clothing and a pair of sturdy shoes are recommended.

We accept Cash, Debit, VISA and MasterCard.

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